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Glowing Ambitions: How XAL Redefined Modern Lighting

author By Phil Clark
April 29, 2024

When it comes to creating exceptional spaces, the collaboration between Claris Design•Build and XAL showcases how teamwork and clear communication can lead to outstanding results. Both companies value high-quality work and organization, making them a perfect match for tackling any project, no matter the complexity.


Lighting the Way: The Bright Journey of XAL

Since founding its New York City headquarters in 2000,  XAL USA  has grown into a well-known producer of lighting systems for places like stores, offices, hotels, and homes. In 2003, XAL began specializing in LED technology, combining European design with American manufacturing to deliver top-quality products.

Their large facility in Oxford, Connecticut, spans 85,000 square feet and is a key part of their operations. Here, the teams work on everything from research and development to production and customer service. This setup lets XAL work efficiently, quickly bringing their well-designed, high-tech lighting solutions to people all over North America.


Inside XAL’s State-of-the-Art Facility — A Foundation of Brilliance

Nestled in Oxford, Connecticut, XAL's 85,000-square-foot facility is a marvel of modern design and functionality. This expansive center serves as the heart of XAL's operations in the United States, housing its R&D, production, and customer service teams. 

With a focus on vertical integration, the facility is engineered to enhance efficiency and foster innovation, ensuring that every product meets XAL's rigorous standards of excellence. Its sophisticated layout facilitates not just the manufacturer but also the rapid prototyping and testing of lighting solutions, streamlining the journey from concept to customer.


The XAL and Claris Design•Build Collaboration

Claris Design•Build is renowned for its precision and innovation in the construction industry. Known for tackling complex projects meticulously, Claris was the ideal partner for XAL when they sought to expand their manufacturing capabilities by constructing the new Oxford facility.


“From the first draft from the drawing board to the finalized product, you get everything from Claris. And you speak with one project manager or one team, and you don’t have to deal with the headache of going to specific subs...”

- Stefan Krotmeier, CEO of XAL USA


Vision Rendered into Reality

Claris' method of using detailed, easy-to-understand renderings has proven to be incredibly transformative for those who find it challenging to visualize construction concepts. This approach was instrumental for individuals like Stefan Krotmeier, CEO of XAL USA, who appreciated how Claris brought his ideas to life through their vivid and detailed renderings.

Krotmeier was particularly impressed by Claris’ grasp and expansion of his ideas, transforming them into tangible designs that were easy to understand and even more impressive in execution. 

This knack for turning client visions into reality sets Claris apart in the design and construction industry. The final structure met and exceeded XAL's expectations, providing a facility that marries functionality with aesthetic appeal—a true embodiment of XAL’s ambition and Claris’ craftsmanship.


Exceeding Expectations with Quality

Completing the XAL facility is a shining example of Claris Design•Build's unwavering commitment to quality. For XAL executives, the project was memorable not only for its flawless execution but also for surpassing their high expectations; a sentiment echoed throughout the company.

Following the project's completion, XAL has experienced remarkable growth. The expansion goes beyond just an increase in physical space; it extends to significant boosts in sales and team size. Under the leadership of CEO Stefan Krotmeier, the company has more than tripled in size, growing its workforce to over 120 employees. This expansion is not merely about numbers; it represents the creation of a community within the company akin to a family.

Krotmeier expressed immense satisfaction with the collaboration with Claris, highlighting how the project’s success catalyzed structural and cultural transformations within XAL. 

"Our partnership with Claris has been transformative, helping us scale our operations significantly. The new facility is more than just a workspace; it's a community hub that fosters family-like bonds among our team," he added.


Excellence in Execution: Claris' Mastery of Project Dynamics

Claris Design•Build expertly streamlines every project phase, ensuring smooth progress and reinforcing its strong partnership with XAL. Their comprehensive approach minimizes disruptions and optimizes workflow.

Together, these strategies exemplified Claris Design•Build's superior handling of the project, showcasing a blend of precision and proactive planning that paved the way for a successful partnership and project completion.


Planning Your Next Big Build? Connect with Claris Design•Build Today!

Claris Design•Build and XAL’s collaboration is a prime example of how strategic planning and exceptional project management can address and conquer complex construction challenges. 

For organizations embarking on construction ventures that require meticulous attention to detail and a proactive approach, Claris Design•Build is the partner you can trust. Contact us for your next project, and let us demonstrate how we can turn your construction challenges into enduring achievements.

Contact Claris Design•Build today and set the foundation for your success!



In 1987, Claris Design•Build founder, Phil Clark, obtained an Architectural Engineering degree from Penn State. After graduation, he worked for various companies including Whiting-Turner Contracting Company and Shankel Construction. “I always had the desire to own my own construction business, and when the construction company I was working for downsized, it provided me the opportunity and incentive to get started.” Phil founded Claris Design•Build in 1991 with the belief that the traditional design/bid/build process was adversarial and becoming obsolete. He fashioned Claris’ business model around a more transparent and team approach. Bringing architecture, engineering and construction expertise under the same roof allows a holistic, yet streamlined, approach to deliver the ultimate design/build experience.


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