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Sustainable Synergy: Claris Design•Build and AXEL Leading the Way

author By Phil Clark
June 14, 2024

At Claris Design•Build, we pride ourselves on our commitment to integrity and excellence in every project we undertake. Our collaboration with AXEL Plastics Research Laboratories exemplifies this dedication, as we helped construct their new facility in Monroe, CT. This partnership underscores our shared values and highlights AXEL's remarkable strides toward sustainability and its significant local impact.

Sustainable Synergy: Claris Design•Build and AXEL Leading the Way     Claris Design•Build: A Partnership Rooted in Integrity

Claris Design•Build: A Partnership Rooted in Integrity

Working with AXEL Plastics Research Laboratories was an incredible experience for the Claris team. The ability to pivot and find creative solutions for challenges that were faced during construction was crucial to the project's success. 

Our engineers, structural experts, and site specialists collaborated seamlessly, ensuring the project stayed on track despite numerous changes in scope. This adaptability and dedication aided in the completion of the AXEL facility and fortified our reputation as a builder that genuinely values integrity.


“Phil and his team pivoted with us and helped us come up with creative solutions for all of these problems. And I'm incredibly grateful that we were working with them because they really allowed us to survive this project. Because they had the engineers there, because they had the structural guys there, because they could work with us with the site people, we were able to make the whole project work even though we were literally changing the scope as they were pouring concrete.”

Jacob Axel, AXEL President


Success in Our CommitmentSuccess in Our Commitment

Our collaboration with AXEL has also been characterized by ongoing solid support and relationship-building. Years after the project’s completion, we remain a reliable partner for AXEL, addressing any concerns they might have. This enduring commitment is a cornerstone of our service philosophy, as reflected in the testimonials from AXEL:

  • The Claris team’s ability to adapt and provide innovative solutions was crucial to overcoming project challenges.
  • Our continued support, even years after project completion, is greatly appreciated.
  • By partnering with Claris, AXEL has been able to attract and retain better employees, develop superior products, and grow its business.


AXEL's Commitment to Sustainability

AXEL's Commitment to Sustainability

In May 2023, AXEL Plastic Research Laboratories invested in sustainability by installing a state-of-the-art 293.76 kW solar panel system. This impressive setup can produce approximately 310,505 kWh annually, significantly reducing AXEL's carbon footprint and lowering its energy costs. The solar panels are a testament to AXEL’s forward-thinking approach and dedication to environmental stewardship.

Looking Ahead: Phase Two

AXEL’s journey towards sustainability doesn’t stop with solar panels. The next phase of their plan involves installing an on-site Tesla battery system. This advanced storage solution will store excess power generated by the solar panels and redistribute it during peak times, thereby alleviating the load on the local grid managed by Eversource. This initiative, currently in progress and slated for completion next year, will further enhance AXEL’s energy efficiency and sustainability efforts.

Local Impact: More Than Just a Building

The benefits of AXEL’s sustainable practices extend beyond its immediate operations. By embracing renewable energy, it sets a powerful example for other businesses in Monroe and the surrounding areas. Its commitment to sustainability contributes to a greener, more resilient local community.


Build a Sustainable Future with Us!

The partnership between Claris Design•Build and AXEL underscores the tremendous potential of uniting integrity with a commitment to sustainability. Together, we have constructed a cutting-edge facility and set a new standard for sustainable practices in the local community. If you're ready to embark on your journey toward sustainability, connect with Claris Design•Build today. Let’s build a greener future together!


In 1987, Claris Design•Build founder, Phil Clark, obtained an Architectural Engineering degree from Penn State. After graduation, he worked for various companies including Whiting-Turner Contracting Company and Shankel Construction. “I always had the desire to own my own construction business, and when the construction company I was working for downsized, it provided me the opportunity and incentive to get started.” Phil founded Claris Design•Build in 1991 with the belief that the traditional design/bid/build process was adversarial and becoming obsolete. He fashioned Claris’ business model around a more transparent and team approach. Bringing architecture, engineering and construction expertise under the same roof allows a holistic, yet streamlined, approach to deliver the ultimate design/build experience.


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