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Grit, Grease, and Gearheads: The Drive Behind BuiltRight Industries

author By Phil Clark
March 13, 2024
Industrial & Warehousing

Grit, Grease, and Gearheads: The Drive Behind BuiltRight Industries


Customization and efficiency are superior  — and BuiltRight Industries has proven time and again why they stand out as innovators in the automotive aftermarket industry.

With a motto that resonates deeply with truck enthusiasts and professionals, BuiltRight Industries has carved a unique space that designs and engineers truck mounting solutions, embodying a lifestyle and ethos many strive for but few achieve.


Built with Purpose. Built to Work. Built Right — More Than a Company

Built with Purpose. Built to Work. Built Right — More Than a Company

At the heart of BuiltRight Industries is a story of dedication and homage.

Founded by Matt Beenen, BuiltRight is more than just a business; it's a tribute to the strong work ethic his father instilled in him—hard work, ingenuity, and the guts to take on any challenge. From a young age, Beenen was imbued with a profound appreciation for automotive excellence and an entrepreneurial spirit, eventually leading him to create BuiltRight Industries.

$1200 loan, a Mechanical Engineering degree, and a background in military weapons systems later, Matt was able to kickstart a legacy that revolutionized the automotive parts industry.

The result? Tailored solutions that fit perfectly and install seamlessly, delivering on the promise of being built with purpose.


The BuiltRight Way: Where Innovation Meets Passion

The BuiltRight Way: Where Innovation Meets Passion

BuiltRight Industries’ diverse team is the heartbeat of their success — with each member bringing a unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm.

From engineers and operations managers to customer service representatives, each role contributes to their innovative approach and passionate commitment to creating products and services that seamlessly exceed expectations.

Today, BuiltRight leverages cutting-edge technology, including OEM CAD data and 3D scanning, to create products that are not only innovative but also precise and user-friendly for trucks, and other vehicles. The company's dedication to quality is evident in its "no questions asked" lifetime warranty, underscoring a rare confidence in craftsmanship in today's market.

Each product from BuiltRight Industries is a testament to the company's commitment to excellence. From the inception of their first product to the latest in their line, BuiltRight ensures that every item is crafted with a specific purpose, ensuring ease of installation and perfect fit. This meticulous attention to detail and dedication to quality sets BuiltRight apart in the crowded landscape of automotive aftermarket solutions.


A Partnership Fueled by Foundation

A Partnership Fueled by Foundation

As BuiltRight Industries continues to grow and innovate, it remains anchored by the values and principles that Matt Beenen's father championed. In building their New Milford, CT, facility, it is only fitting that BuiltRight chooses the best in the game — Claris Design•Build.

The collaboration was grounded in shared values and a common vision, ensuring a seamless and effective process.

Claris's deep-rooted expertise in manufacturing, industrial construction, and strategic decision-making seamlessly turned all potential setbacks into opportunities, enhancing the project's quality and efficiency.




Matt Beenen


"They're high-quality, they're organized, they get things done when they say they're gonna get them done. I was confident that Claris was going to be that fit." - Matt Beenen 

"One word that I would use to describe Claris is organized." - Matt Beenen



Ready to Elevate Construction Projects? Contact Claris Design•Build Today!

Ready to Elevate Construction Projects? Contact Claris Design•Build Today!

While many prioritize speed over quality, BuiltRight reminds us of the importance of doing things right, building with purpose, and cherishing the community that makes it all possible.

This partnership between Claris Design•Build and BuiltRight Industries showcases the transformative impact of collaboration in construction. If you're embarking on a construction project and value a team that prioritizes adaptive problem-solving and collaborative excellence, Claris Design•Build is ready to bring your vision to fruition.

Contact Claris Design•Build today for a consultation!


In 1987, Claris Design•Build founder, Phil Clark, obtained an Architectural Engineering degree from Penn State. After graduation, he worked for various companies including Whiting-Turner Contracting Company and Shankel Construction. “I always had the desire to own my own construction business, and when the construction company I was working for downsized, it provided me the opportunity and incentive to get started.” Phil founded Claris Design•Build in 1991 with the belief that the traditional design/bid/build process was adversarial and becoming obsolete. He fashioned Claris’ business model around a more transparent and team approach. Bringing architecture, engineering and construction expertise under the same roof allows a holistic, yet streamlined, approach to deliver the ultimate design/build experience.


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