Claris Design⸱Build revolutionizes the traditional construction process in Connecticut. Whether you envision a traditional wood-framed structure or modern Butler Steel Buildings, our team of skilled design collaborative architects excels in turning creative visions into reality. This integrated approach fosters unique design solutions and ensures accurate costings, expedited delivery, and enhanced efficiency compared to traditional construction methods. 

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Our Design-Build Process

At Claris Design⸱Build, we meticulously craft every project to align with your vision and execute it with precision and care. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our detailed and client-centered design-build journey. Here’s how we transform your ideas into reality.


Initial Consultation

Our process starts with a deep dive into your aspirations, objectives, and constraints during an initial consultation. Our design collaborative architects bring your ideas to life with real-time sketches, capturing the essence of your vision and ensuring a shared understanding of the project’s direction.


Design Review & Planning

Following the vision sketching, we transition to meticulously exploring each design option. This stage is crucial for evaluating the practical aspects of your vision, including budget implications, project timelines, and overall design feasibility, ensuring the foundation is solid and inspired.


Design Finalization & Contracting

Once a design direction is chosen, we solidify your project’s details and move forward with contract development and negotiations. This essential phase transitions the project from concept to concrete plans, detailing everything from subcontractor roles to materials and schedule management.



We bring together a team of seasoned architects, builders, and engineers with a focus on efficiency and quality. Our design-build approach promotes seamless collaboration and communication across all project stages, ensuring your vision is executed flawlessly and efficiently.

What Sets Claris Design⸱Build Apart?

Claris Design⸱Build offers a seamless and efficient approach to construction projects by combining design and build processes. Here’s how choosing us elevates your project

Faster Project Completion

Our integrated design-build method overlaps the design and construction phases, significantly reducing the overall project timeline and ensuring a prompt delivery of your project.

Guaranteed Cost Clarity

We provide accurate early cost estimates, ensuring a clear and predictable budget.

Superior Quality Assurance

As the single entity overseeing your project, we guarantee every aspect meets our strict quality standards for a superior finish.

Simplified Accountability

Claris serves as the sole point of responsibility, simplifying project management, reducing disputes, and ensuring a unified approach.

Enhanced Innovation

Our collaboration with industry giants like Butler Buildings, the Design-Build Institute of America, Energy Star, and the U.S. Green Building Council sparks innovation, guiding Claris Design⸱Build toward pioneering, eco-friendly construction solutions.

Commitment to Safety

At Claris Design⸱Build, safety is not just a policy; it’s our way of life. Our Insurance Safety Modification rate of 0.87 is among the best in the industry, reflecting our unwavering commitment to maintaining a safe work environment on every project.

Award-Winning Expertise

As an award-winning dealer for Butler Steel Buildings, our design-build firm specializes in constructing high-quality structures tailored to your specific requirements.

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