At Claris Design⸱Build, we understand that embarking on a commercial construction project in North Carolina is more than just building a project. It’s about bringing to life a vision that you’ve worked tirelessly for, safeguarding your investment of time, money, and aspirations for your business.


At Claris Design⸱Build, we’re not just builders; we are dedicated commercial general contractors committed to transforming your vision into reality. With experience spanning diverse industries, we recognize the unique needs of each. Here’s how we cater to various sectors:

Athletic Facilities

We build places where athletes can shine, from small gyms to big sports arenas. We use strong materials to ensure these places last long and can host all kinds of sports activities.

Car Shops

Whether you sell cars or fix them, we make spaces that help your business look good and work well. We design showrooms and service centers that make customers happy and keep them coming back.

Academies and Charities

We create spaces for learning and helping others. From teen centers to academies, we focus on making these places safe and welcoming to ensure a positive experience.

Hotels and Restaurants

We know how important it is for your guests to have a great time. That’s why we build beautiful hotels and restaurants that are not just places to stay or eat but experiences to remember.

Factories and Warehouses

Working with Butler Manufacturing, we build big spaces for manufacturing and storing goods. Our priority is optimizing these spaces for efficiency and safety, ensuring the seamless operation of your business.


We build apartment buildings that are more than just places to live. They’re comfortable, good-looking, and friendly, making everyone feel at home.

Offices and Stores

We make modern and attractive spaces for work and shopping. We understand each business is different, so we customize each project to fit your needs, making sure your space is just right for you.

Storage Units

We build safe and easy-to-use storage spaces. We know how important it is to keep things organized and secure, so we design with that in mind.

Veterinarian and Doctor Offices

We create places that are comfortable for patients and efficient for doctors and staff. We make sure these spaces meet all the needs of a healthcare facility, focusing on care and comfort.

Innovative Architecture
Striking Designs
Optimal Value Solutions

We’re a Certified Butler Builder  

At Claris Design⸱Build, we’re proud to be a certified Butler Builder, which places us at the forefront of commercial construction. As one of the best commercial building construction companies, our partnership with Butler Manufacturing brings together the best of both worlds: our expertise as premier commercial builders and the global excellence of Butler’s steel building solutions.

How We Elevate Your Projects


Expertise and Excellence

As a Butler Builder, Claris brings a level of expertise recognized across North America. Our team has been honored with several awards for our commitment to quality, showcasing our ability to exceed industry standards for Butler Steel Buildings.


Customized Solutions

Leveraging Butler’s innovative pre-engineered metal buildings, we offer solutions tailored to the unique demands of your project. This flexibility ensures that your commercial, industrial, or manufacturing facility meets your exact specifications.


Sustainable and Efficient

Butler’s focus on sustainability and efficiency is a perfect match for our commitment to creating environmentally friendly and cost-effective buildings. Together, we design spaces that are as good for the planet as they are for your bottom line.


Advanced Building Technologies

By incorporating Butler’s advanced steel building technologies, we offer innovative solutions that set your project apart. This includes everything from advanced structural designs to energy-efficient building envelopes.


Quality Materials

Butler’s commitment to using high-quality materials means your building will not only last but also maintain its value over time. This commitment to quality is a cornerstone of our approach as a Butler Builder.


Streamlined Process

Our integrated design-build approach, combined with Butler’s efficient construction methods, means your project moves smoothly from concept to completion, saving time and reducing costs.


Value Engineering

We utilize value engineering to ensure that your project is both cost-effective and of the highest quality. This process eliminates unnecessary expenses while enhancing project value without sacrificing quality.

Our Commercial Design and Build Solutions

At Claris Design⸱Build, we specialize in providing comprehensive services for the commercial sector. Our approach covers every stage of your project, from the initial concept to the final touches of construction. Let’s delve into how our expertise can benefit your next commercial, industrial, or manufacturing endeavor.

Commercial Architects and Builders

As commercial architects and builders, we bring the latest in building technology and design aesthetics to your project. Our team is dedicated to creating spaces that not only meet your functional needs but also reflect the modern aesthetics and innovation your business deserves.

Complete Range of Building Solutions

We offer a full spectrum of building solutions, covering all aspects of your project. Whether you’re looking for commercial building contractors or general contractors, our team is equipped to manage everything from the initial concept to the final construction details.

Industrial Architecture and Construction

Our knowledge and experience as commercial contractors make us particularly adept at handling industrial architecture and construction projects. We focus on delivering spaces that are durable, flexible, and efficient.

Custom Commercial Projects

We understand that every business has unique needs. Whether you require a manufacturing facility, a warehouse, or a multi-functional commercial space, our team is committed to providing customized solutions. We tailor our approach to meet your specific requirements.

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