Really Good Stuff

Monroe, CT
RGS – Brochure
Really Good Stuff – Exterior
Really Good Stuff – warehouse 1
Really Good Stuff – Warehouse 2
Really Good Stuff – warehouse 4
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Really Good Stuff

Monroe, CT
Square Footage 85,000 SF
Design In-house
Status Completed - Multiple Phase Early 2000s
Construction Type Pre-Engineered Metal Building

For a “Direct Mail Distribution Center” Claris was able to complete this project to provide Really Good Stuff with a 85,000 SF building with a solar array and a glass curtain wall system. With a Butler Roof Structure this project is appealing from the outside and productive for workers on the inside.


“It was very impressive there was no us versus them it was really a combined effort of the design and the construction team that put all the projects together.”

Jim Bennet, Really Good Stuff: Monroe CT