Mercedes-Benz of Danbury

Danbury, CT
MB_Danbury_Front_Dusk_MG_2640 F

Mercedes-Benz of Danbury

Danbury, CT
Square Footage 32,000 SF
Design In-house
Status Completed
Construction Type Conventional & Pre-Engineered Hybrid

Mercedes-Benz of Danbury is composed of a conventional steel showroom addition with all glass windows as one of the most attractive features of the building. Auto dealerships, being one of Claris’ main specialties, are shown through the spectacular creativity of the architects and designers.


“We were building as we were still in business, so it was important that we get done as quickly as possible. And even with the extremely bad winter we had they managed to finish right on time which was fantastic for us. When we discussed it with the architect, when we discussed it with the engineers, the building came out exactly how we pictured it.”

Bob Camastro, Mercedes Benz of Danbury CT