Newtown Youth Academy

Newtown, CT
Exterior NYA
Basketball – Track
Solar – NYA
Construction Phase
Fairfield Hill 7-7-08 020-1

Newtown Youth Academy

Newtown, CT
Square Footage 77,000 SF
Design In-house
Status Completed 2008
Construction Type Tilt-up and Pre Engineered Hybrid

The NYA is an athletic facility in Newtown, Connecticut. It consists of a private gym, training center, a multipurpose turf field, and three basketball courts. Claris used an impressive “Tilt-Up” construction method that will allow the building to stand for decades to come.


“They built the building that we wanted, even with all of the changes, on time and on budget. They sent somebody over to the building if a door is squeaking. They have been phenomenal in every aspect of the follow up.”

Keith Miller, Newtown Youth Academy