Creative Mailing Services

Shelton, CT
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Creative Mailing – Exterior
Creative Mailing – Conference Room
Creative Mailing – warehouse 2

Creative Mailing Services

Shelton, CT
Square Footage 36,000 SF
Design In-house
Status Completed 2007
Construction Type Pre-Engineered Metal Building

Claris designed an impeccable building for Creative Mailing Services, which offers mailing and fulfillment services. Hoping to expand their company, Claris constructed a pre-engineered metal building that showcases all the wants of the customer and designed the building to offer a complete location for mail specialist to complete their jobs.


“We constantly get compliments on the building and how nice it is and how nice it looks, even how green our grass is, but visually it is a very appealing building from the street and inside.”

Mark Kuligowski, Creative Mailing