Project Superintendent

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CT - Newtown, NC - Charlotte, UT - Salt Lake City
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The Project Superintendent is responsible for the daily on site planning and scheduling, resource allocation, project accounting, communication, and control, while providing technical direction and ensuring compliance with quality standards on one or more projects. 



  • Promotes job site safety, encourages safe work practices and rectifies job site hazards immediately.
  • Ensures all company employees and contractors are adhering to the company safety policy. 
  • Completes and documents frequent job site safety inspections.  Immediately addresses and rectifies any violations.  
  • Oversees the implementation of the Claris Corporation Health and Safety Plan to all personnel (Claris employees, Subcontractors, and Visitors).  Conducts safety meetings at each job site on a regular basis. Is alert for safety issues and adherence to our safety program by all employees under his supervision.


  • Maintains weekly construction schedule, identifies and solves problems
  • Orders materials and schedules inspections as necessary throughout the process
  • Work in partnership with PM to maintain an updated and accurate project schedule that reflects the changes in project status and that meets the cost and time requirements of the project
  • Maintains and updates the three week project forecast to ensure that: 
    • All materials have been ordered and will be delivered on time 
    • All equipment needed have been requisitioned on a timely basis 
    • All sub-contractors have been contacted to confirm schedule 


  • Responsible for erecting job sign as soon as possible at the job site.  Sign should be highly visible, clean, plumb, level, posts painted white.
  • Coordinates and supervises all construction activities, maintains an organized job site, including the construction office. 
  • Oversees all daily field operations to ensure proper site safety, construction, progress, quality control and a clean site.
  • Directs all field personnel to achieve completion of the project on schedule, within budget, with quality workmanship that conforms to original plans and specs.
  • Develops comprehensive understanding of project strategy and commitments including financial goals, scheduling, logistics, phasing, milestones, inspections.
  • Identifies, troubleshoots and resolves problems on projects before they become major issues. 
  • Understands all of the contractual obligations of the plans, specifications, addendums and submittals for their project. 
  • Complies with all policies and procedures of Claris Construction. 
  • Verifies with Office Manager that all Subcontractors have proper licenses, insurance information, up to date Labor and Industries payments and financial capabilities to complete their work.
  • Keeps time card and turns in to office manager monthly.


  • Prepares and sends weekly project updates to the owner(s), project manager, and president.
  • Works in partnership with project manager to identify and address issues of constructability or lack of scope during pre-construction phase
  • Maintains positive relationships with customers, contractors, suppliers and other employees.
  • Communicates with Claris personnel and sub-contractors to ensure they understand the work, the planned approach and any problem areas (with a back-up plan). 
  • Reports to the Project Manager on a daily basis, especially when there are any occurrences that can affect the successful completion of the project. 
  • Reviews RFIs continuously and identify any issues which might affect the project. Communicates with the project manager the issues and the proposed actions to resolve the problem.
  • Informs president of any major problems on the job.
  • Participates in development and final review of scope, buy-out and schedule
  • Researches, reviews and address any owner, landlord, city/state requirement or procedure to avoid project delays, ensure safety, and/or ensure client satisfaction
  • Demonstrates and maintains effective and open dialogue with the project team regarding changes in work, job conditions, subcontractor relations and any deviation in the direction of the project
  • Promotes positive subcontractor relations by dealing professionally and fairly with all subcontractors and vendors instilling this philosophy in project team at all times
  • Actively participates in all company-wide training and development initiatives, also work with and mentor assistant superintendent, labor and carpentry staff


  • Prepares, schedules and supervises completion of a final punch list.  Complete the punch list immediately, while construction is still ongoing if possible.  
  • Maintains and reviews punch list process to ensure all are addressed and executed in a timely manner
  • Assists in preparing the project close out manual and plans for the owner and reviews final product with owner or owner’s rep.
  • Exceeds client expectations for each project by understanding client needs, wants, preferences and culture

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