Electrical Engineer

Full Time, Status: Open
CT - Newtown
Posted 7 months ago

The Electrical Engineer is responsible for creation and management of all electrical engineered design documents and assisting the project management team during construction. General duties include engineering project management, engineering design, design coordination, and construction administration. The Engineer should provide technical direction and ensure compliance with
applicable building codes, quality standards, budget restraints and constructability.

The Electrical Engineer reports to the Director of Architecture and Engineering Design.


1. Promote job site safety, encourages safe work practices.

2. Exceed client expectations for each project by understanding client operational needs, wants, preferences, and culture.
3. Manage the engineering design process for multiple projects simultaneously. Projects may be at various stages of design and/or construction.
4. Assist in creation of engineering tasks for a pre-construction/design schedule for each project. Maintain engineering design schedule once established.
5. Thoroughly coordinate with the design team for each project including project architect team, 3rd party consultants, engineers, in-house personnel, etc. Attend regular design meetings with the design team as required throughout the process.
6. Communicate effectively with any subcontractors assisting in design and responsible for completing various phases of the project.
7. Assist with engineering related correspondence required with Owner during design phase of project. Coordinate with Project Architect, Project Executive and/or Project Manager as required.
8. Ensure all project engineered design documents are coordinated and
9. Coordinate with estimator as required to ensure design complies with budget assumptions.
10. Ensure the project is completed in conformance with the project programming, scope, budget, signed contract, subcontracts, purchase agreements and code requirements.
11. Elevate any engineering related design related issues to the appropriate parties (in-house supervisor, construction project manager/superintendent, client, etc.)
12. Verify and maintain the latest current engineered drawings on Procore and distribute to project team. Coordinate with Project Architect and construction project management team as required.

13. Prepare conceptual Electrical designs (basic plans, narratives, system outlines, etc.) as required.
14. Prepare signed and sealed Electrical construction design documents.
15. Prepare and/or review signed and sealed Electrical construction design documents as required.
16. Prepare design documents in Revit, unless otherwise noted.
17. Acquire thorough knowledge of project program, requirements, plans, specifications, and project conditions.
18. Initiate, maintain, and adhere to the Claris PROJECT DESIGN CHECKLIST in
the preparation of construction design documents including but not limited to:
a. Sheet set up, Red-line revisions, CAD standards implementation.
b. Field Surveying, Dimensional and conditional.
c. Functional Design, Programming, Budgetary and Aesthetic concerns.
d. Zoning analysis, Building Code Review, etc.
e. Systems/materials specification selection and implementation.
f. Quality Control – cross discipline check sets, permit, and construction
g. Coordinate details
19. Assist Project Architect with preparation of COMCheck analysis/reporting.
20. Check all work before releasing/publishing design documents.
21. Coordinate design impact of Owner furnished items with Owner and project management team.

22.Attend pre-construction, weekly construction project meetings and post construction meetings as needed. Include periodic job site visits on a regular basis to:
a. Inspect for installation compliance with design and code
b. Understand how the pieces come together in real world applications.
c. Work with PMs and supers to resolve design issues and conflicts. Incorporate field best practice standards.
23.Conduct submittal / shop drawing reviews throughout project as required. Coordinate with architects, engineers, consultants, and project
management team for thorough review. Recognize cross-discipline coordination requirements.
24.Manage and respond to design related RFIs throughout the project.
response – appropriate type and tone, recognize broader implication /coordination issues.
25.Manage field changes and revisions to the construction and as-built sets.
26.Assist in preparing the project close out manual and plans for the owner and review final product with owner or owner’s rep. as required.
27.Coordinate with construction personnel regarding construction practices, techniques, strategies, and procedures to further refine the design process
and eliminate errors.

28.Prepare life-cycle cost analysis reports as required.
29.Conduct peer review of other project design documents before publishing
for permit or construction.
30.Actively participate in all company-wide training and development initiatives, also work with and mentor assistant project managers, architects,
and superintendents.
31.Set up / attend product specific webinars / lunch and learns, site
demonstrations, etc.

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