Utah Business Development Manager

Full Time
UT - Salt Lake City
Posted 1 month ago


Claris Design-Build is seeking a Director of Business Development to lead our sales  efforts, provide innovative solutions, establish new relationships, and assist in our  continued expansion of the Claris brand as we grow our market share in the Salt Lake  City region.  

Over the last 31 years, Claris has built a legacy in the Design-Build industry founded on  effort, competency, attitude, and selflessness. These are the values we look for in every  member. The result is a team that works together and reduces, if not, eliminates  conflict. It is this collaborative approach both internally and with our clients that has led  to successful construction projects from conceptual design to through turnover. The  result is not just a completed project, but business and personal relationships that  extend well beyond the project timeline.  

The ideal candidate possesses a very unique set of skills as our business model is  anything but ordinary. Being a true design build firm, we are looking for someone who  has intimate knowledge of both the construction industry and has the ability to  communicate design through sketches or drawings. A background in architecture or  degree in architecture is preferred. You must be action oriented, persuasive, and an  effective communicator (but an even better listener).  

This is your chance to think and work outside the box. To work like the entrepreneur of a  startup, with the backing and resources of a tried-and-true process from our main office  in Connecticut. 


The Director of Business Development wears many hats and is essentially the bridge  between our clients and Design Build personnel. You must be able to understand and  communicate all aspects of a design-build project (Design, Estimating, & Construction)  to our clients and to our team members. This is vital in making sure the client is  understood and we deliver on the client’s goals and expectations are.  

This not only includes knowledge of the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)  industry, but of general business and management principles, as well as strong  analytical and exceptional leadership skills. The ability to work in a fast paced environment, both independently and collaboratively, on multiple projects  simultaneously, with urgency, flexibility and poise are essential.  

Principle Duties and Responsibilities:  

  •  Generate leads, using a variety of sources. (Cold calling, networking, email, and  mailer blasts.) 
  •  Qualify leads generated to ensure our interests are aligned.
  • Act as Project Executive from design concept to construction completion.
  • Develop, review, and report on the division’s business development strategy,  ensuring the objectives are well understood, reasonable, and executed.
  • Research and develop an intimate understanding of the Company, our market,  our competitors, potential opportunities (current and future), the construction  industry & trends.
  • Identify and qualify industry network events that will be worth sponsoring and  occasionally attending. (Local realtor, architect, business development groups.)   Work with our marketing director to ensure our marketing efforts are in line with  the sales process.
  • Manage resources within an established yearly budget.
  • Attend and present at Planning and Zoning meetings on behalf of our client as  required.
  • Maintain and develop organizational culture, values, and reputation.

Technical Skills (Must Haves)  

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.)
  • Actively manage and update your CRM (We use BuildR) 
  • Individuals must possess a valid Driver’s License, in good standing. Position  requires frequent travel around the office territory and participation with clients  and organizations before, during and after normal business hours.

Technical Skills (Not required but preferred)  

  • Degree in Architecture 
  • Can effectively hand sketch or work on CAD Software (AutoCAD, Revit,  Sketchup)
  • Can review and / or help establish a construction budget.
  • Can use PowerPoint to create effective Design-Build Proposals in accordance  with our company aesthetic guidelines.

Work Skills  

  • Effective communicator 
  • Problem Solver
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Self Management

Like everything at Claris this is a team effort and want you to know you will always have  support. We will ensure all the proper assistance and help along the way including  access to software like ZoomInfo and Merged Analytics. Our Sales team also actively  participates in continuing education for sales training using the Sandler Sales System. 

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